the future of Twitter

thanks @loic, I agree on many points on your post, but the real question is "when"

I love Twitter because in my opinion is the most important example of crowd sourcing and collaboration ( )

I just believe that the model will dramatically change really soon. The problem of Twitter is this: the more success it has, the less useful it is!

Following to many people is un-useful and being followed by too many generic people, is un-useful too. On one hand it's important that many people come in Twitter, but on the other it has been designed for small groups. If all the people on the web would register, you would just have the entire Web by itself. 

And then you would need back Google!!!

We are just a the beginning of the Real Time Web and Twitter it is just the first player.

PS: I totally agree on how Twitter will influence languages and behaviors. In Italy, where SMS have been a massive tool for years, also before many innovations (like the way to send more160 chars).