Twitter business model (my suggestion)

For some website, as TechCrunch, Twitter as become the second-largest source of outside traffic, behind Google.

 That's show the power of Twitter; in June attracted more than 45M people, but in my opinion most of the users gain access to its services via other software and sites.

 Every analist in the world is asking if Twitter will be the next Google (a lot of money) or the Netscape, which defined a new standard but was not able to make money.

 It's a risky business because many services are offering the same, maby better, serivices than Twitter (FriendFeed, Facebook, etc).

 But Twitter is cool.

 When I pubblish a link on my Twitter feed a noticed that the click rate depends by "when" I post and "what" I post. As Twitter is a stream, my suggestion is to apply an Adv hybrid model: scheduled as the TV is and focused like adsense.

 The advertiser should be able to buy sponsored messages depending on time (when it goes live) and trageted users (not just basing on interested, but also number of followers and following people)


 Andrea Denaro

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