doing a twitter friendly web page

Many famous websites that are speaking about social media are not twitter (and share) friendly. That's very funny!

Take as example. As you probably know, Hootsuite and many other tools get the page title and post it as message body. 

Now I'm trying to share Yahoo! Takes Baby Steps Toward Much Needed Search Improvement on my Twitter feed using Hootlet or Diigo, it appears as shown below:


That's really nasty! I have to go on the page, copy the title o re-write by myself. (to be honest this is bad approach also referring to generic SEO)  

Other website, such as Mediapost, optimize the page title using a mix of site name, menu, content and date. This is easier to manage, because I just need to delete some words. 


The most twitter friendly approach is used my Mashable, probably the best site on social media. The page title is made only by the article tile. 
In this way I just need two click to share it with my friends. 

They understand how mush is important to have a better user experience, than having some low value impression on twitter.