Why Apple is making wrong choices with the new Ipod nano with camera


I just took a look to the new Ipod Nano. As Apple says it introduce 3 new main features: camera, Radio and 


Adding Radio was a great idea (and is very nice to be able tag music!); I also agree on the pedometer because it's a nice feature for many Ipod owners.

What I don't understand is the camera. 

Recently I read the story of Pure on Wired, the cheap digital camera which is selling a lot because is goodenough. Like me, many other articles (Cnet and Reuters) saw that adding a camera to the Ipod is an attempt to enter that market.

I don't know what Jobs has in his mind, but as Apple has a really strong Brand, I believe that this is a way to say "I have no new ideas".

Ipod is the best (and the most successful) way to archive, listen and bring music with you. I have two Ipod classic, my wife has two (shuffle and nano), my father has one, my sisters... anybody in my family has at list one ipod. People see the music experience totally related with Ipod. The Ipod is the music. 

The problem with this camera, is about coherence. Today marketing is coherence, expecially for a brand like Apple which is founded on coherence and now, many years later, this strategy is giving enormous benefit to Jobs and his guys.  The camera on the Ipod is not coherent with the music experience. It is to try to give people a one-only device, to be goodenough... It is the contrary of Apple products, which always aim to be the best choice without any arrangement. It is the contrary of Apple's brand values.

Ipod was the new music player experience; Itunes the new distribution system for digital contents, Iphone the new mobile and personal experience;  OSx also, especially for Windows users, was (and still:-)) a new experience... I would expect Apple to invest time and money on new disruptive devices o standards.

I would say that Apple in this moment has a big lack of ideas: maybe they have reached their limits or myabe Apple it is a onemancompany (Steve Jobs) more than what they say to be. 

Andrea Denaro