Real time web and content expiring

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The Real-Time-Web opens a new scenario also in terms of how long any kind of content could be considered valid. People share news and knowledges so quick, that is really difficult to understand what is actual and what is old.

After have been working for 9 years on the Internet, I use to consider old any kind of book that has been published more than one year ago: after one year, if something was good, I should have already heard about it.

After being on Twitter, I am starting to consider old any article found on the Web older that 2 months.

(Probably I definitively became crazy!)




< 1900



1900 - 1990



1990 - 2008



2009 >


real time web

Is also very interesting how ideas go from person to person: years ago there were leaders teaching to masses in a pyramidal approach with different levels on interaction; knowledges and contents need a medium/long time to be acquired. Also advertising was planned in an organic way.

Now the model is absolutely horizontal, fluid and instantaneous. Somebody call it pulse, I call it also flash, that like spark could (or could not!) start a blaze that spreads all over the Web. 

As a fire, once it burn, it can't come back (people want always new things and are not interested in old ones).

Andrea Denaro